What’s The Difference Between Water Softening Vs Filtering

What should I install at my home water softener or water filter? What is the difference between water softening and filtering?

These are few frequently asked questions on the internet by consumers. Maybe you have some questions and are here to clarify the same. So let us break this uncertainty for you.

When it comes to choosing amid water softener and filter people often get confused. And the final question which they ask is what kind of water quality will I get from the two?

Well, water or underground water is the most common water supply across the cities. This water contains a high amount of dissolved minerals as water being a universal solvent carries mineral deposition along. This contributes to water hardening. Water softeners are specially designed to cater to hardness issues by softening them but filtration has a broader spectrum related to water quality. If you only need a water softener for your home read reviews of top rated water softeners before further investment.

Water Filter and Softener: What the name says?

Water filters are the system that removes all kind of bacteria and other contaminants from the water including minerals causing water hardness. They can be small RO systems or whole house filter systems made for large scale filtering.

On the other hand, water softeners would simply eradicate the harsh minerals from water through the regeneration process i.e. ion exchange via sodium salts. Therefore a term “water filter” is said to be on the larger scope than water softeners. Examples of water filters include backwashing, carbon filtering, iron and sulfur removal, sediments filter and other contaminants exclusion. They purify water completely making it safe and pure for drinking purpose.

Water Softener or Water Filter: Which one takes the lead?

In order to get a clear picture of both the systems, we need to understand the basics and working process. There are many major differences that will pop up as you will read further.

Water Filters Working:

Whole house water filters utilize a wide variety of advanced technology to eradicate sediments and noxious waste from water. The advanced media beds include working as absorption, ion exchange, catalytic conversion, and oxidation and micron filtration. This versatility of filters treats natural and chemical all kind of pollutants. They trap contaminants through the matrix and later flush them via the backwashing process. For microbial concerns, UV filters are used for sterilizing by attacking microbes via ultraviolet light. Later, sieve or membrane filters water for any remaining sedimentations.

Water Softeners Working:

Water softeners use resin beds for water softening. During an ion exchange process calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged via sodium ions this removes water hardness. The resin and densely packed with sodium salts which when coming in contact with hard water start reacting.

Salt-free water softening alternatives are also available in the market. People who are environment-friendly and do not want to waste salts or add chemicals in the system can opt for these systems. These salt-free systems have complex ceramic media that attracts and neutralizes hard water without energy wastage. They are easy to maintain, 100 % salt-free and more natural.

What to choose?

Water softeners are excellent water purification system that removes hard minerals and lime scale buildup completely by saving your house from corrosion and lime scaling. However, if you have other water-related issues like bacterial formations, chlorination, molds or high iron contents then getting a whole house water filter is a great option.

Many people install both water softeners and water filters at home for overall safety. This is quite common and a great idea though. Whole House Filter’s are highly efficient and long lasting with the market competition they are made affordable too.


Water Filters or Water Softeners: Picking one depends on the water quality and problem you are facing. If you want to have an all-rounder you can go for whole house water filtration systems else water softeners are good enough to solve your water-related problems.

Well, this was all about water softeners and water filters. Hope you got your questions answered. If you have any queries which we forgot to mention here write to us in the comment box below.