5 Common Things To Be Aware of When Travelling

Travelling to new places can be major fun. We love to see the sights and sounds of new and exotic places. Meet different people and see different cultures. These are some of the fun of travelling. Really it is great to experience such things.

However, there’s always danger or the probability of some untoward thing happening, especially when you are in a new environment. It even gets worse if you don’t speak the local language and are unable to find a trusted guard or an interpreter. Our aim here is to educate you so that you can stay safe while having a nice time whenever you travel. So here are 5 things to be aware of when travelling.

Stay Aware Of The Local Culture

Things change from place to place, what is perceived as polite and okay is certain places, might be considered wrong and offensive in some other places. For example in Japan, you don’t tip and don’t address a local on a first name basis. In Africa and parts of Asia, don’t collect things or touch stuff belonging to others with your left hand. It is considered impolite and rude, and the left hand is also considered dirty. In Turkey, you should neither pick nor blow your nose in a public place. In Russia it’s a crime for you to buy local currency from street vendors, there are designated government-owned shops for that In China giving a loud belch after a meal is considered okay, It means you enjoyed the meal, especially if you’re staying with a Chinese family. Learn about the people’s culture, body language e.t.c.

Don’t Wear Expensive Jewellery Nor Show Expensive Gadgets

Tourists are always targets for thieves and other people with bad intentions. It’s as easy as them just grabbing your valuable and taking to there heels. You don’t know the area, so you might not be able to catch them.

Be Aware of the Right Vaccinations

If you’re travelling to any of the countries in Sub Saharan Africa, then you should take a yellow fever vaccination and have a card saying you have done so. Other countries also have their health rules, get to know and do the right thing. Your health is very important. Also, be aware of any health epidemics in the country and know where to avoid in order to stay healthy.

Never Take Pictures Of People Without Permission

It might seem cool to take such pictures, (candid shots some have called it) those in the pictures might not find it funny. You might get reported to the authorities and have to pay a fine or have to bribe your way out. Worse you might be physically attacked by the person.

Keep Unpopular Opinions or Beliefs to Yourself

Remember that you have to stay safe, so sometimes it might be safer to keep your political affiliations, religious views or even sexual orientations to yourself. This is even more important if you’re going to venture away from the major tourist spots and enjoy the city itself. In some countries, gay people are lynched openly. Sometimes people with opposing political or religious views are considered enemies. So be aware of what’s obtainable where you are and stay guarded. Here we have it, some important facts to be aware of when travelling. Doing this will keep you safe, and you’d also enjoy your stay there.

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